Hourglass – Motivational Video

“You're here. You're experiencing everything the world has to offer.”

If you knew exactly how long you were going to be alive would things be different?

Imagine if every morning you are able to look into an hourglass that showed you exactly how much time you have. Removing any unknowns or uncertainty. Would you approach your days differently?

Certainly, time would feel more real. Every grain of sand that slips would remind us our mortality. Of the days come and gone, but what about the sand that's left. What about the possibilities yet to be explored?

In this fast-paced world, we live in it's very easy to get caught up. To go into autopilot. To do what everyone else is doing. Without ever taking a second to examine ourselves every day the sand in that hourglass gets lesser and lesser and if you don't ask yourself what your purpose is, what makes you happy, what you're going to bring to the world you know someday you'll be all out of time.

Our stay here is finite.

You know I often talk to people about their goals and aspirations. What makes them happy, and I find it crazy how many restrictions people place on themselves. Human beings put a man on the moon. Think about that for a second. Yet it wouldn't be possible for you to record an album, or start an interior design company, explain that to me.

There is this fear of the unknown that's debilitating. We're all scared to fail. We're scared to mess with the status quo. Even when we're not content with how things are we'll ride it out. Because unhappiness appears better than uncertainty. This in itself is a tragedy.

I saw a great quote the other day. It said human beings are the only life-form that will do less than they possibly can. There's never been a tree that didn't grow as tall as it possibly could. They're hardwired to do that. Us, on the other hand, we have the gift of choice which is a blessing. Yes but it's also a curse. It's something to hide behind. It will forfeit the opportunity to be great because that comes with a hefty price of risk, but in reality, we don't know how many trips around the Sun we have.

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It is and always will be a mysterious component of life, but regardless of your journey what you've done, what you've yet to do, there is no time for regret.

So go after what you want. Work hard at something you love. Wake up excited. Go to bed content. Be a dreamer. Make things happen.

Being born was the hardest part. You've already done that. You've already won the lottery. You're here. You're experiencing everything the world has to offer. Statistically, that is a miracle.

All you have to do is cash in on your lottery ticket.

Video courtesy of our friends at Your World Within