How To Build A Diverse, Inclusive Workspace As A Wellness Leader

Fear of being taken down in a public callout, or simply of hurting others, can leave even the most compassionate people feeling like they'd rather tap out of the conversation about diversity and inclusion. 

One of the most common phrases I hear as an inclusive culture consultant is “I feel like I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't.” This expression of disempowerment and confusion is often coming from someone who is a leader, a healer, a creator, a visionary.

But creating spaces where we can all thrive as our authentic selves is possible, and it's part of our shared mission now more than ever. The health and well-being community has the opportunity to lead the way by ensuring people of all experiences can access tools for personal and collective transformation. 

Here are eight ways we can all upgrade our mindsets about inclusivity and diversity:

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