How To Clear Negative Energy At Home Quickly & Easily

Feng shui is based on the idea that when you clear away negative energy at home, you create more room for flow or “chi”—something we can't necessarily see, but we can feel. 

When the chi energy around us is stuck or stagnant, we can feel unmotivated, tired, on-edge, creatively blocked, unsettled, or just “blah.” When that energy is free-flowing, there's a sense of ease and inspiration in the air—a feeling of presence and positivity that translates into all kinds of creative action.

You've probably heard of a few common tools used to unblock this chi and welcome the good vibes, such as sage and palo santo. Sadly, not everyone has a stash of smudge sticks or handmade Tibetan incense at their disposal all the time! Not to worry: There are plenty of common household items that are wildly effective at clearing your home of unwanted energy and leaving everything feeling fresh for the new year ahead.

Here are some of my favorite simple ingredients that I use to lift the energy in my home, inspired by feng shui philosophy and ancient traditions. Even if you don't buy that they'll brighten your space on an energetic level, they'll also leave it feeling physically fresher and more clean.

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