How Writing A Journal Can Change Your Life

A journal is a special object that serves more purposes. Every person has a unique reason for holding a journal. To be honest, journaling is pretty underrated. Most people believe either that they don’t need a journal, either that keeping a journal is a “must”.

It Develops Your Self-Awareness

In the present job marketplace, big companies have started to adopt a new recruiting policy. A few years back, the IQ metrics were very important for the employers, as it “spoke” the level of intelligence of a person.

Further research has proven that a persons’ IQ levels can fluctuate throughout their lives. Because of the fast-changing business environment, big companies now need people that show a high EQ (emotional intelligence) potential.

Self-awareness is one of the most important signs of emotional intelligence, and it doesn’t only help at getting a job. Your overall emotional state will be more positive than negative, and your ability to communicate with yourself and other people will improve.

Journaling Improves Writing and Communication Skills

When you keep a journal, you’re probably “consulting” it every day. That means constant writing practice. If you aren’t good at writing before starting a journal, try writing for at least three months. Your writing skills will definitely improve and you’ll be shocked to see how easy words come out of your mouth.

​How Writing a Journal Can Change Your Life

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Because you can easily extract thoughts out of your head, it means that you can also communicate them more properly. According to a Stanford report, writing is strongly linked to speaking.

It Makes You More Responsible

Keeping a journal doesn’t make you responsible only because you can’t break your written promises, but also because it involves the consistent writing activity which must be performed each and every day.

When you learn to take responsibility for your life, you can then understand that almost every outcome and result that comes in your life is heavily influenced by your behavior.

Your Journal Keeps You on Track

Whenever you keep a journal, you’re keeping track of your thoughts, actions, and feelings. More than often, people that keep journals tend to have a specific goal. They write every day so they can keep track what they’re doing, so they can have more control in the future.

The more control you have in your life, the more you’ll accomplish. For example, if you manage to stick to your goals, and cut down one mini-goal each day, your motivation and commitment will skyrocket. Therefore, more productivity and progress!

Journaling Diminishes Your Negative Emotions

Certain studies confirm that journaling decreases stress. Stress is one of the most powerful and most damaging negative emotions. Of course, stress can be productive, but most of the times it hurts.

Keeping a journal can help you relieve stress. Therefore, you’ll be able to feel more positive feelings such as joy, balance, and fulfillment. Here are few more aspects that’ll change the moment you feel less stressed:

  1. You’ll be more focused
  2. You’ll improve your productivity levels
  3. You’ll have better memory
  4. Better learning
  5. Better problem-solving capacities
  6. More motivation to pursue your goals and dreams

Taking into consideration these changes, I believe that stress is very damaging to our lives. If a personal journal can make you feel less stressed, I really believe that you should take 10 minutes of your day to keep doing it.

It Improves Your Creativity

When you write in a journal, you don’t have any specific writing guidelines. You can organize the way you want, and you can write whatever you want. When we get this freedom, our minds start to blossom, and our creativity levels tend to be more advanced.

Here’s a good strategy to improve your life: Every day before going to bed, write for ten minutes. After you’re done writing, start asking yourself a lot of questions concerning your issues.

This way, you’re giving your subconscious mind the task of solving your issues through the night. Ten minutes after you wake up, start writing again for another ten minutes. The creativity you’ll experience will probably shock you.

Creating and keeping a journal could have a meaningful impact on our lives. We can use it in different ways, we can perceive it the way we want to, and we can take advantage of the proven benefits whenever we want.

After all, it’s just a notebook and a pen that we need. In fact, this is why many people neglect this activity – it’s so simple to do, yet so very effective.