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Taking some time out for yourself is the hardest thing to do sometimes. So many demands, commitments, and responsibilities… many of us spend the day chasing our tail!  It is hard because it’s never easy to focus a little on you, but it is always worthwhile and much needed. Too much “doing” and not finding enough calm to reset and restore your energy can be highly under-productive because we end up damaging our health without even realizing it. If you are constantly on the go and feeling highly stressed and anxious, all that built-up tension steals away your well being because it always catches up to you at some point. There is only so long that the body can run on empty. Self-care is an essential part of wellness. We will learn you “Breathe in wellness” and find calm for well being.



Finding Balance

Our bodies are built on balance, everything works perfectly, almost seamlessly together to allow us to function at your best in all areas- mentally, emotionally and physically. But when we tip the scales on that balance, something breaks. Physically we may pick up injuries and ailments as a way of our body telling us to slow down, emotionally we may struggle to express what we feel, and mentally we become overwhelmed and lose clarity and focus. 

Sometimes, we just need to accept that we are simply human beings (not actual machines!) and spend a little more time on self-care; through self-care, we can feel ready to tackle life’s usual ups and downs more powerfully.

“Self-care and balance influence each other. If you want to feel more balance in your life, try adding in more self-care and see if that helps. Make more time for yourself and notice if your feelings of (un)balance start to shift.”- said Sara Robinson, MA in her book “Choose You”


Self-care means different things to different people. For some, self-care looks like taking a long, hot soak in a relaxing bath, for others, self-care is spending quality time doing something that they love, such as playing an instrument, or going out for a walk through nature. Whatever self-care approach helps you to unwind and feel more relaxed is worth pursuing and making time for. 

“Remember that self-care isn't just baths and beauty treatments: self-care gets to the core of what you need to be your best. Sometimes this “work” is fun and relaxing, but other times you need to tackle the hard stuff. The hard stuff is also self-care, and you need to make…

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