Matchmaker, Can You Really Make Me a Match?

There is nothing quite like that great Matchmaker song in the famous play, Fiddler on the Roof. And with online dating and apps being so challenging these days, many smart successful women are thinking of hiring a matchmaker themselves.  But the question to ask is, matchmaker, can you really make me a match?

You may be sick of the disappointment, frustration and stagnation in your dating life—I know how tough it is!  But, for a variety of reasons, matchmaking may not be the best choice to create lasting passionate love. So let’s go through the pros and cons of hiring a matchmaker.

The Downside of Hiring a Matchmaker: Fees

Matchmaker fees are steep. Expect to pay about $5500 for only 6 introductions in 6 months, or $7500- $10,000+ for 12 introductions in 12 months. The fees can range much higher. All fees are due up front with no payment plans. In addition to these upfront costs some matchmakers have success fees that are in the $100,000 range. There are no refunds.

Men Are Matchmakers’ Real Clients

Many matchmakers only take men as their “real” clients. Women join their data base for free and therefore the matchmaker is not working on their behalf. In the unusual circumstance that the matchmaker selects you as a match for one of her clients, and he agrees, the matchmaker will contact you for an introduction. The odds are slim. When a woman hires a matchmaker, he/she is not really working for her.

Women Over 40 Typically Do Not Do Well with a Matchmaker

Most matchmakers see women over 40 as an unworkable group because the male clients they have either want to start a family and therefore want a younger woman, or simply want a young “arm candy” girl. In fact most reputable professional matchmakers do not want to work with women over 40 because they cannot produce results for them. That is unless they are particularly affluent. In that case the upper echelon matchmakers will charge $40,000 to $50,000. Unfortunately, they often have a large ratio of women to men. This creates many dissatisfied women

Matchmakers Usually Have Minimal Relationship Coaching Skills

Usually, matchmakers are not trained as coaches and they have minimal training / skills in what makes relationships work, or not work. Their training is more focused on early stage date coaching vs. true relationship coaching. How do I know this? Because I’ve hired successful matchmakers to become Love Mentor coaches. And they had to undergo extensive training and supervision to…

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