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Pregnancy Yoga Classes For Experienced Students With Briohny Smyth

Yoga is almost like music in a way; there's no end to it. ~Sting

Hi, Mama its, Bry and Sheena, and little baby. Welcome to your second-trimester glow flow (pregnancy yoga classes). In this practice, we're just really going to focus on moving and trying to find that wonderful balance between your strength and flexibility in your practice.

If you have props at home wonderful. We use a strap, a blanket, a bolster and two blocks. If you don't, then I'm sure there are some things around the house that you can use if needed. Remember, listen to your body. If there's any time in your life to really do that that's now. Let's get started.

Let's get started standing on Tadasana Mountain Pose, please. So taking your feet a bit wider than your hips. I was just looking down for a moment at your feet because at this moment we can still see them. Maybe you're looking down and you're seeing your belly and you know for both being really grateful for your strong feet and legs that are holding you up. For the ability to really experience this time in your life with your baby. I'm taking your hands to your belly lifting the chin, but closing your eyes. For most of us who practice regularly removing a sense like our site really brings our attention. Connecting much deeper with the breath. In this practice as we dedicate our time to moving a little bit more, Maybe generating some heat Wu Jie breath becomes less and less important. You might even already be taking a jet breath out of your practice.

I'm just using that normal breathing. The Zhu Jie creates a lot of heat so if you already run warm just take it out of your practice for now. With each inhalation think about inflating into the ribs into the heart, even in the belly. Finding space, creating space with each exhalation. You might even draw in try and physically spiritually.

Softly open your eyes. Inhale sweep the arms out to come up. Bring the palms to touch overhead and as you exhale, bring those hands to graze the forehead. The lips heart and your belly two more like that. Inhale, open the arms out wide deep. Breath in. Palms come to touch. Exhale hands to forehead, lips, heart and your belly. One more. Inhale and as you bring your hands to your forehead, thinking about really cleansing the thoughts in your head. As you bring your hands to your lips, thinking about thinking before speaking. Hands to your heart finding that love. Gathering it between your hands you bring it towards your belly.

Then hands by your side bend the knees inhale into that wide-legged mama chair. Exhale fold over the thighs, straighten the legs Lewton asana. You might need to take your feet just a little bit wider just depending on the size of your belly right now. What feels comfortable for you. Sweep your hands behind your back interlace your fingers. Press the palms together so really squeeze them together.

Internally rotate the arm bones as you smile the collarbones open. You might even smile your lips up into a smile. Relax the crown of the head. Now send your hands, both towards the right so your left shoulder starts to open and bend your right knee quite a bunch. You'll notice you'll have a little more space to open. Keep lengthening the crown of the head and the shoulders away from the crown of the head. Inhale and exhale back to Center straightening the right leg bending the left knee and opening towards the right. Sending your knuckles towards the left and inhale back to the Center.

Straighten both legs exhale hands come down. Inhale to a flat back. Plant your hands step back downward facing dog, then that down dog taking your feet a bit wider than the hips really starting to create that space that you need. Then gazing forward on your hands you can have your middle fingers or your index fingers forward it just depends on how much space you need for the shoulders. Your hand's shoulder distance apart. Grip the ground with the fingertips relax your head.

Think about squeezing the biceps in towards your ear. Spread the shoulder blades wide. Inhale, shift forward into a plank. Place your knees down. I'll offer this mama Vinyasa. Exhale Chaturanga. If you're avoiding up dog you can go straight back up to plunk like Sheena's doing. Back to down dog or you can untuck your toes keeping the knees down. (Go back to down dog honey, so you don't have to hold it there). Okay, keeping the knees down with your up dog and opening the shoulders, then in order to get back to down dog shifting the hips back. Like tabletop first, then lifting the knees up. Downward facing dog.

Take a deep inhalation. Sigh, it out. Take a few rounds of my mama Vinyasa, so modifying here and there just to take care of our bodies. Inhale and rise to the toes. Gaze forward as you exhale. First step your right foot behind your right hand. Your left foot behind your left hand. Then inhale just lengthen. Exhale fold go ahead, put a bend in the knees, then inhale rise up passing through that wide-legged straighten your leg mama chair. Exhale hands come straight down to your belly, maybe even gazing down thanking your baby for giving you the opportunity to practice today. Inhale reaches the arms up. Bend the knees into that mama chair. Exhale fold all the way down. Inhale to a flat back. Put a little bend in the knees plant the palms, step the right foot back first, then the left foot back. Placing the knees down, inhale. Shift the shoulders over the wrists exhale Chaturanga. You can go straight back up to plank, then down dog or keeping the knees down to find that upward facing dog. To transition back first shift the hips back over the knees, then lift the knees up downward facing dog. Great job Mama.

Breathing here. Keeping it moving inhale to the toes. Look forward bend the knees a little bit step your left foot this time behind the left-hand right foot behind the right hand. Good. Inhale bends the knees just lengthen a little bit. Exhale fold down if you want to, you can straighten the legs. Bend the knees going through that mama cherry reach the arms up, then straighten the legs. Palms come to touch. Exhale hands pass the heart down to your belly. Good, moving a little bit swifter this time bend the knees exhale fold. Inhale just lengthen bend the knees a little bit so the palms stay flat. Exhale left foot back first, then right foot back, placing the knees down inhale exhale Chaturanga. Maybe up to plank back to down dog or through that up dog up to you. Downward facing dog.

Two more rounds we'll move a little bit faster. Inhale rises the toes look forward bend the knees this time right foot behind the right hand left foot behind the left hand. Good bend the knees to lengthen then exhale fold straighten the legs. Bend the knees deeply coming into that low squat, then straightening the legs rising up. Exhale hands to your belly. Inhale arms reach, bend the knees. Exhale fold down. Keeping a little bend in the knees inhale just lengthen palms flat exhale right foot steps back then left foot steps back. Knees down. Find your Vinyasa of choice.

One more round we did okay? Yeah.

Starting to feel a little more invigorated. I was talking to Sheena earlier about how the second trimester tends to be the point where we feel a little more energetic, and you were saying you are waiting for that for a while. But now the practice can bring that energy in. Last round of this variation. Look forward, inhale to the toes bend the knees exhale. This time left foot behind the left-hand, right foot behind the right hand. Put a little bend in the knees to find the flat back. Inhale, then exhale. You can fold and straighten the legs. Bend the knees deeply. Inhale rises all the way up. Exhale hands to your beautiful baby belly. Last one. Inhale bend the knees. Exhale fold down. A little bend at the knees as you find that flat back. Plant the palms the left foot steps back, then the right foot steps back. The knees come down, inhale forward, exhale down. Anyway, back through the Vinyasa.

Sheena is doing a really great job of taking care of herself. She has a bit of lower back pain so taking that up dog out of the practice really helps her. Take a deep inhalation. Exhale knees down. Vajrasana. So, keeping your head elevated in the second trimester in moments where you need to rest instead of taking Child's Pose can be really nice. The more that we forward fold we compress the belly you even add to the possibility of getting a bit dizzy. So just taking a moment you can close your eyes bring your hands to your belly. Connect with the effects of the yoga practice. Deep inhalation. Big sigh. Don't open your eyes. Come back to downward facing down. Let's keep moving. Feet about hips distance for this one. Inhale right leg reaches up and back. Let's bend the knee open the hip. Then exhale taking the right knee out to the side step your right foot around your right hand. It's just a really great way to make sure you don't over engage the front core. Then inhale rise up onto the fingertips and heel-toe your right foot to the center of the hands.

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Place the left knee down, your hands to the right knee, then prop yourself up into anjaneyasana. This is nice because you get to open the front body. You get to open into that left quad. Your legs are working so hard, but what you want to make sure that you do protects the lower back. So as you push the torso back also think about lifting the back ribs up away from the lower back. That'll help to protect the crunching that might be happening.

Inhale maybe you reach the arms up. Exhale take the fingertips down. Now Sheena mentioned that this is a lot more comfortable with blocks. So I want you to take blocks underneath the hands you're going to move the left knee back a little bit and straighten your right leg for Ardha hanumanasana. You can also move the blocks back a bit more so they're right underneath the shoulders. Inhale lengthen keep drawing that right side bone back. Flex the right foot and exhale fold down through Center if that's available to you. You might feel enough of a stretch just staying upright.

Okay, so again listening to your body knowing that everybody is different if you don't need the blocks and you don't need the blocks. Then inhale to a flat back. We're just going to move the blocks off to the side, exhale bending back into that right knee. Now fingertips underneath the shoulders lift your left knee up off the ground so making sure your feet are about hip distance apart. Not more narrow than that. You're going to press that left heel back. Lift the inner left thigh. Float your left arm back. Next right arm back next to the right hip. Maybe the left arm kinda like Superman and then inhale rising up. Your hands are already behind you so take them behind you even more. Interlace the fingers press the palms together. Now inhale. Lift the back ribs up away from the pelvis and reach the knuckles back behind you. Maybe the chest starts to lift.

If you want a little more you can gaze up. Just be careful be cautious of your balance. Maybe the arms start to reach up. Palms could come to touch. Nice, exhale. Bring the hands down, step back. You can always skip the Vinyasa. Go straight to down dog or place the knees down. Take a little mama Vinyasa of choice. Up dog, if you like or no up dog at all. I'm finding that downward facing dog. Feet about hips distance. Inhale left leg rises up and back. You're doing a great job. Keep it up. Good work mama. Exhale. Step your left foot around your left hand. Move the left hand to the outside of the left foot as your heel of the left foot more towards the left center of the mat. Place the right knee down. Hands onto the left knee so the hands on this left knee will push your shoulders back but what I want you to do is think about lifting the back ribs up. Extending through both sides of the waist to protect the lower back and you'll even get a deeper stretch in the front of that right side of the hip or quad.

If you want a little more inhale. Possibly the arms reach up. Exhale. Bring your fingertips down. Use the blocks if you did on the other side. That right knee scoots back a bit to your left leg straightens. You come on to that left heel. Fingertips or blocks underneath your shoulders. Inhale thinks about lengthening the spine away from the pelvis, but drawing the pelvis back equally. Exhale fold down to your best ability flexing that left foot drawing the outer hip back in an even firming the sides together deep breaths hmm and then inhale to a flat back bend into that left knee once you do that you can move the blocks to the side. Fingertips underneath the shoulders lift your right knee up off the ground to really engage the legs. We get so caught up in stretching the legs in our yoga practice. Finding that balance between stretch and engagement is even more important. So think about pulling that left foot to the back of the mat. Good, now from here can you float your left arm back and your right arm back just in a bit of a 45-degree angle. Keeping that right heel pressing back.

The inner right thigh lifting you can raise the torso up. Good hands behind the back interlace the fingers. Roll the biceps as the shoulders open. Lift the back ribs, maybe even opening the heart towards the sky. If the heart lifts then the gaze can at some point. Better be very mindful possibly opening the arms up towards the sky and bringing the palms to touch. Exhale hands come down, step back, maybe straight to down dog or placing the knees down and you're supported plank taking it through your mama Vinyasa.

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