Struggling With Body Image? Try Getting Out In The Garden

Lead researcher Viren Swami Ph.D., a professor of social psychology at ARU says, “positive body image is beneficial because it helps to foster psychological and physical resilience, which contributes to overall wellbeing.”

And not only that, but he highlights the increase in urbanization which limits access to gardening space, adding “ensuring access to nature for all citizens through the provision of dedicated and sustained community allotment plots,” is vital for public health.

What is perhaps most promising about these findings is the evidence that just a small allotment in a community garden is enough to see these effects. “These are typically quite small patches of green space in otherwise mainly urban environments,” Swami notes.

And apparently, just a small patch of green space is enough to boost one's body image. Get the most out of your time in the garden with these tips, and when in doubt, you can always try getting naked (seriously).

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