Stuffed Italian Meatball Mini Meatloaves

Stuffed Italian Meatball Mini Meatloaves have all the flavor and tenderness of your favorite Italian meatballs, but there’s no rolling required!

Hello from the other side of Halloween! I scared myself by watching a blogger’s Instagram story highlight of her actual haunted house while Ben was gone for the evening earlier this week, but other than that, it’s been more treats than tricks around here! Actually I ran out of Joel Gott mid-week and that also gave me a bit of a fright.

Here in central Iowa we trick-or-treat the day before Halloween (long story,) and Wednesday was brutally cold. It snowed off and on all day but nevertheless the boys had a blast collecting candy with their cousins. This was Cam’s first year trick-or-treating and Ben said he got up to the porch of the first house then turned around and yelled, “Dad! What I doing?!” HAHAHA, Cam!!

He went as an Iowa Hawkeyes football player while Lincoln dressed up as Harry Potter. Sis just wanted to be in the picture. 😉

Stuffed Italian Meatball Mini Meatloaves

Gosh I can’t wait until these guys are tearing it up together. Three kids is chaotic but the memories I have of carving pumpkins, trick-or-treating, and candy swapping with my brothers are priceless! Here are our pumpkins, by the way. Ten seconds after taking this photo the Ghostbusters pumpkin fell backwards into the open dryer it was propped up against and all was nearly lost (according to our kids, anyway.) Not our smartest moment!

Stuffed Italian Meatball Mini Meatloaves

I saved my smarts for the kitchen and turned my favorite Italian meatball recipe into Stuffed Italian Meatball Mini Meatloaves! These individual-sized meatloaves have all the flavor of tender, savory Italian meatballs but require no rolling nor browning. Plus they’re stuffed with mozzarella cheese. You know what we call that? Un UPGRADE!

Stuffed Italian Meatball Mini Meatloaves on a plate.

All that said, I adore the recipe for my Incredible Italian Meatballs, which taste like they came from a restaurant, but I rarely make them because rolling a bunch of meatballs then browning them in batches before simmering takes a lot of time. What doesn’t take a lot of time is mixing a few ingredients in a bowl then shaping into four loaves, stuffing half a mozzarella cheese stick inside, then baking. BOOM. All the fabulous flavor of Italian meatballs in a fraction of the time. These are sooo so good – and simple too!

Cheese oozing out of Stuffed Italian Meatball Mini Meatloaves cut in half.

How to Make Stuffed Italian Meatball Mini Meatloaves:

Start by combining 3/4 cup small torn gluten free white bread in a large bowl with 1/2 cup finely…

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