The 10 Best Wildlife Experiences In The World

A Traditional Safari in Africa remains one of the best wildlife adventures in the world

From the red dust of the savannah, to the craggy cliffs of Europe, here's our guide to the best wildlife experiences in the world. . With a focus on ethical destinations and sustainable tourism, of course. Updated 2020.

The Best Wildlife Experiences in the World

The Best Ethical Wildlife Experiences

I thought it went without saying that ethical tourism is important. But the level of exploitation around the world reminds me that it's not. So. Here are responsible, ethical wildlife experiences. Ones that will set your heart on fire and leave you feeling good about it afterwards. After all, responsible animal tourism is one of the best ways to help save endangered animals.  

In other words, make animals worth more alive than dead. 

So, bookmark this article and start planning a wildlife holiday of your own.

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There are as many different safari trips as there are wildlife to find

1. A Big Five Safari in Africa

As safari in search of the big five in Africa is one of the most thrilling wildlife adventures in the world. There is something in the red dust of the savannah and the flicker in the eyes of a lion that reaches right into the soul. 

There are so many options. But where should you go? There's no such thing as a best safari in Africa, but I can help you narrow down the choice:

The Best African Safari Spots I'd recommend:

  • Tanzania – combine a safari for the big five with the snows of Kilimanjaro and the flamingo-flecked lakes of the Ngorogoro Crater
  •  South Africa – mix city life and wildlife by travelling to  Cape Town in South Africa, filling up on the history of Nelson Mandela and taking in the stunning landscape of Table Mountain and the Cape as well.
  • South Africa – combine a trip to Joburg with a malaria-free safari at the Madikwe Game Reserve (you'll need to take a short flight to get there.)
  • Kenya. Visit protected rhino sanctuaries, Giraffe Manor where giraffes swoop in at breakfast, and even go on safari in the place that inspired Pride Rock.

What to know about going on safari in Africa

  • Safaris usually take place at dawn and dusk on a vehicle
  • It can get cold! Wear layers.
  • Always travel responsibly
  • You need to stay quiet for long periods…

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