The Best Paying Freelance Jobs And How To Snag One

Freelance jobs have many benefits and opportunities. Freelancing allows you to set your own rates and have more flexibility and control over your time. As you get more established, you can control who you work for and exactly what kind of work you do. That sort of freedom is not found in many W-2 jobs.

It's no surprise that more and more people are turning towards freelancing. In 2017, there were 57.3 million freelancers, 25% of whom worked full time.

If you are looking to get into freelancing, here is a list of the 30 highest paying freelance jobs:

Freelance Writing Jobs

Easily the granddaddy of all freelance fields, freelance writing is big enough to get the attention of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which estimated that 64 percent of writers in the US were freelance writers in 2016.

Salaries vary wildly, as they do in most freelance fields. The average salary for a freelance writer is $63,830. However, there are plenty of freelance writers earning six figures. Another advantage of freelance writing is the number of individual specialties. Let’s look at some of those specialties.

Article Writing

Freelance writers can make great money writing articles for websites and magazines, depending on the subject. Higher paying genres include personal finance, real estate, and digital marketing.

Blog Writing

Another way to make money writing is writing for medium to large blogs. As a blogger grows a website beyond their own writing capacity they will often seek help from freelance writers to fill the content gaps.

Technical Writing

Technical writers spend their time writing materials like how-to guides, white papers, instruction manuals, and journal articles. They have the ability to communicate complex technical information easily.


Ghostwriting is another form of freelance writing. With ghostwriting, you are writing for someone in their voice. You don’t get credit for the work. This could be for a blogger or a prominent business person. Many companies have blogs on their websites and are looking for help writing content that matches their leaderships’ voice. Often, businesses will often pay a premium for ghostwriting services.


If you’ve ever been to a company’s website, they have text on most pages of their site. This could be text that explains their services, shares the company’s history, answers frequently asked questions, etc. That is copy. Copywriters write copy for websites, advertisements, marketing materials, and more.


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