The Diamond Self Process: Banish Self-Sabotage In 5 Minutes a Day

The Diamond Self Process is a revolutionary approach that allows you to give your mind instructions about creating a new identity and banishing self-sabotage forever. Precise instructions that help you create inner strength, self-love, empowerment, and success automatically in every area of your life. Because it is aimed at the internal world, your mind and spirit, the Diamond Self process brings you greater fulfillment without having to struggle so much with obstacles in the real world. It helps you create unconditional acceptance, love, and validation for yourself.

All I ask is that you come with me on a little journey. Just imagine for a moment being able to instruct yourself to be more present, alive, joyful, and plugged into a higher power—to be more effective any time you need or want to be. What if you could fine-tune these transformational messages to yourself, hone and then magnify them so that they worked better and more effectively?

Imagine that you could use the Diamond Self Process to:

  • Look and feel youthful without exercising, dieting, anti-aging creams, Botox, or plastic surgery
  • Feel more CONFIDENT without years of therapy
  • Find the One without being turned off or burnt out
  • Become spiritually alive without going to endless workshops or classes (or going into a cave to meditate)
  • Be more successful at work without changing jobs or getting a better boss
  • Lose your emotional baggage without constant counseling
  • Cultivate a profound LOVE without getting rid of your partner
  • Experience almost limitless sexual pleasure and fulfillment without worrying about how you look
  • Enjoy intense INTIMACY without losing yourself in a love relationship
  • Take risks to be all you can be without paralyzing anxiety or fear
  • Become fully present without a steady stream of worries and thoughts
  • Feel irresistibly attractive without dieting, losing weight, or buying a whole new wardrobe
  • Understand your true purpose or calling in the world without having to work through a paralyzing cloud of confusion

What if this instruction process was so powerful, you could change your identity as simply as you change your clothes? All the while still retaining a core sense of self that is familiar, comfortable, and enduring. Building a sense of self that allows you to be more flexible, loving, and spiritually grounded. Accepting the things you can’t change and successfully changing those that you can. What if you could do all this in just five minutes a day without struggling and trying to change…

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