The Ultimate Chunky Guacamole

This crazy good Chunky Guacamole is the ultimate healthy and delicious crowd-pleaser dip! Made with nothing but fresh, wholesome ingredients, it's packed with an insane amount of flavor, yet requires only 6 easy-to-find ingredients and 15 minutes of your time to whip up!

Did I ever tell you just how much my boyfriend LOVES guacamole? He gets excited like a kid on Christmas morning whenever I whip up a batch… The good thing is, I've been making guacamole so often in the past year that I really upped my game when it comes to making guac. Well, especially after our trip to México last year, where I learned a thing or two about what makes a truly good authentic guacamole! I used to make things so complicated by adding all kinds of spices and unnecessary ingredients to my guac, but there, I've come to realize that a truly good guacamole is all about simplicity: the ingredients that go into it are already packed so full of flavor, you just want to let them shine, without anything getting in the way. 

And now — for some pretty exciting news! — I'll soon have another very good, and perhaps even better occasion to perfect the art of making guacamole, as I will be spending most of the next winter in beautiful Costa Rica! That's right: I will soon be enjoying la pura vida in CR for 3 whole months. I don't know yet whether I'll be able to blog from there, but that certainly is the plan! I might not be able to post as often, but cross my fingers that I'll at least be able to share a few authentic Costa-Rican recipes with you, learned straight from the locals. Is that grand, or what? For sure, it'll be an entirely different experience, and to be honest, I absolutely cannot wait. After so many years working/sitting at a desk, staring at a computer screen — okay, and sometimes cooking too! — this comes as a much needed change of scenery! 

But enough about this for now, let's get back to our ultimate chunky guacamole, shall we? I'm not kidding when I say it's the ultimate guacamole recipe. It really is that good. In fact, it totally is the easiest, tastiest, healthiest and fastest disappearing dip you will ever make. And there's absolutely nothing to it, really. It's stupid easy. You will soon be known as the queen, or king, of guacamole! So long as you follow a few very simple rules… 

You ready for this? Let's go! 

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