Title Nine Dream Dress

Who else is eager to enjoy warm weather travel destinations? I have my new all-activity, all-situations dress at the ready: the Title Nine Dream Dress. What makes this dress so dreamy? Let’s start with the signature ‘Buttah’ fabric (90% poly, 10% spandex) that does indeed feel soft as butter on your skin. Then there’s the classic A-line fit, which hugs curves and looks flattering at any age. (The 36-inch hem helps there, too.)

It’s wrinkle-resistant and wash-and-dry ready. In fact, I find that I can air dry in a hotel room bathroom or on a lanai or balcony just fine. You can get this dress in a solid color (spiced coral, deep sea, or black), or in a variety of patterns (or both, preferably). Perhaps best of all, the Dream Dress now comes with Title Nine’s SwiftSnap™ feature, which is as simple as it is ingenious. A secret snap on the front center hem connects the front of the hem to the back, instantly turning the Dream dress into a romper. This snap is so stealth, in fact, that it took me a while to find it the first time. I felt silly when I saw how easy this system is! Now I can snap my Dream dress in an instant when my travels require shorts instead of a dress, such as when I’m renting a bike or a scooter, find myself on a zip line, or need to do some scrambling on a hike. The Dream dress is one of those dresses I already know I’ll need more of in various colors.

Pick it up for $85 on Title Nine, or opt for the 3/4 length sleeve option.

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