Travel Classes l 16 Free & Fascinating Classes For Smarter Traveling

Fun fact: There are a ton of free travel classes online!

Maybe you want to travel smarter using clever tactics. 

Or possibly you dream of exploring the world luxuriously on a budget using miles and points, 

Want to start a travel blog that allows you to make money by creating content while you’re on the road?

I’ve SO got you covered.

Below, check out some of the best free travel classes available online, no matter what your travel style or trip goals are.

Want to learn things like how to #travel for FREE, take better travel photos or start a profitable #blog? Check out these free travel classes!

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Many intrepid travelers have toyed with the idea of documenting their trips on a travel blog.

And for those wanting to take their blogs to the next level — as in, turn them into profitable businesses —this free five-day course by Jessie on a Journey shows you how.

In fact, it takes you from branding your blog for success all the way through list-building and community building to monetization.

After taking this course, you’ll spend less time wondering how to make money while traveling, and more time actually doing it!

Looking for a crash course on running a blogging business?

If the previous option isn’t enough and you’d prefer something with video lessons, then this four-day online travel blogging course is for you.

Each video is less than 10 minutes, but teaches a vital travel blogging strategy.

A few topics that are covered include how to:

  • Set up a profitable blogging foundation (including the vital step many bloggers skip!)
  • Increase your website traffic (no tech required!)
  • Grow your email list (with targeted subscribers!)
  • Nurture your subscribers into raving fans (who can’t wait to hear from you!)
  • Monetize your blog (without being spammy!)
  • And more!

If you dream of making travel a full-time lifestyle or just want to start your own online business centered around something you’re passionate about, then you don’t want to miss this free blogging course. 

Ready to turn your #blog into a profitable business? Don't miss #2 on this list of free #travel #classes!

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