Valentine’s Day Has Never Been So Deliciously Romantic

Claudia Nocci and Bernie Caulfield executive producer of Game of Thrones

Claudia Nocci Personal Chef to the Executive Producer of Game of Thrones presents “Valentine’s Day has never been so deliciously romantic!”

So many healthy ingredients are combined to spice up your romantic date but only one recipe can make your evening both memorable and unforgettable.

Valentine's Day has never been so deliciously romantic
Claudia Nocci and Conleth Hill – Lord Varys Game of Thrones

Shift your mindset onto relax mode and focus on what is truly important …. The two of you and have fully cooked meals prepared by a personal chef.

Let’s change your strategy this year and focus on simply enjoying every second of your romantic night in! Yes “IN”!

Why share this precious moment with the rest of the world, when you both dream of spending quality, special time alone.  Life is so stressful, so fast-paced, find time for yourself and for your loved one to spend an uninterrupted, luxury pampered healthy evening at home.

Bernie Caulfield, Executive Producer, Game of Thrones, said,

Claudia is a trustful and lovely talented chef. You can taste her passion and love for her job in all her creations.  Her “Melanzane alla Parmigiana” are the best I ever had! Her management of my menus was impeccable, always tailored on my needs. She always has some delicious surprise for me and her creativity is outstanding!

So why not enjoy this precious moment in the cosy atmosphere of your home without the stress of planning, organising, preparing, shopping and cooking and let someone else take the burden and prepare it all for you and welcome Claudia into your home as your own personal chef.

Food is a sensual delight, a spiritual, physical and emotional gift that enhances your well being and gives you utmost pleasure which is why you need to book Claudia Nocci!  Claudia is a very Talented Private and Personal Italian Chef who has delighted famous stars including internationally acclaimed Bernie Caulfield, Executive Producer of Game of Thrones, Chris Newman, Duncan Muggoch and many others, she really has the key to unlock the perfect romantic recipe.

Claudia will prepare and deliver your healthy and romantic delicious dinner, especially prepared for the two of you, saving you precious time, stress over cooking and planning, minimise your waste with environmentally friendly containers and you won’t have anyone around you, just the two of you!   

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