Why This Train Does Warrior 1 For Hip & Low Back Issues Every Day

To get into warrior 1, begin in mountain pose at the top of your mat. Lightly step your left foot back about 3.5 to 4 feet. Keeping your back leg straight, bend your right knee so it's stacked over your ankle, making sure your right knee stays in line with your right hip (there's a tendency to let knees fall inward). Your right foot should point straight ahead, with your left foot angled out about 45 degrees. Both heels fall in one line.

Shifting weight into the outside edges of your foot will help open up your hips. Power down through your feet and legs, and on an inhale, lift your arms up so your biceps are by your ears. You can spread your fingertips wide, actively sending energy toward the sky, or bring your hands into prayer above your head, maintaining that same engagement in the arms. Relax the shoulders.

Be sure to keep your tailbone tucked, and abdominals engaged to support your back. The more you tuck your tailbone and straighten out the spine, the more you'll feel a lift in your core and chest.

Hold for 45 to 60 seconds and release. Switch sides.

And that's how you warrior 1! This pose is sure to come up time and time again in Vinyasa classes, and you can also do it on your own for a quick dose of movement. For more movement inspo from TMAC, check out his class full of 20 minute HIIT series' and more.

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